A Coaching Call with Rubeena of The Gray Muse

The Gray Muse

Today’s episode is a bit different. Instead of a straight up interview today is more of a coaching call. Rubeena and I chat about what’s working in her business. Some tips for calming the overwhelm of trying to do it all. And so steps for what’s next.

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Rubeena is a married 35-year-old mom to a one-year old girl and two cats. In March 2019, she launched The Gray Muse, a creative shop with unique, high-quality enamel pins designed specifically with the crafter in mind. The pins serve not only as statements but also as reminders to stay true to yourself. Rubeena is an introvert, highly sensitive person, empath and licensed social worker so starting a new business required her to step outside of her comfort zone. Discovering art at the age of 30, Rubeena tapped into a part of herself that she didn’t realize existed. She created handmade cards, connected with other artists, and slowly build up her presence as a creative, too. Her practice and passion led her to wonderful opportunities, which eventually gave her the idea to merge two of her favorite worlds: crafting and enamel pins. With no background in business, she found the courage to learn along the way by simply starting. Since her number one passion in life is learning, she is determined to figure out what makes a business successful.

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