Are you wasting too much time and energy on a business that feels shitty?

You’re probably struggling with:

  • Feeling pulled in a million directions but making zero forward progress.

  • Dreading client work (or worse you’ve let it dry up).

  • Missing the spark that made you fall in love with your business in the beginning.

All while drowning in the hustle hoping that it miraculously gets easier and make sense again.

You’re awesome at what you do, but something has gone haywire. You’re feeling overwhelmed, scattered, and stuck. You’re likely even starting to wonder if this entrepreneur thing is for you.


Casey Jourdan Pursuit of Evolution

The Pursuit of Evolution is designed to help you navigate the transitions your business must make in order to survive. With a clear vision on what’s next and a strategic plan to implement, you’ll evolved your business to its next level and it’s best version yet.  

I’m Casey Jourdan, and I’m the creator of The Pursuit of Evolution. I’ve been running my own businesses for years and I’ve seen time and again solopreneurs getting lost along the way, trying to force their business to work even when it’s no longer the right fit.

Change is inevitable, evolution is optional.

Stop slaving away today hoping for things to magically be different tomorrow, it’s time for you to pursue your evolution.


The Professional Bio

Casey Jourdan is a business strategist extraordinaire. She guides solopreneurs from feeling overwhelmed and negative to on-track and inspired in their businesses. After surviving a road-side bombing in Iraq, and years later tackling multiple rounds of infertility treatments with no good outcomes, Casey has come to deeply believe that change is inevitable but evolution is optional.

Casey combines her Masters in mental health, her time as a therapist, and her own life and business experiences to create a signature approach in The Pursuit of Evolution. She teaches others to see change as an opportunity to be embraced. Through leaning into our evolutions we can take our business to its next best level.



The highlights:

  • MT native

  • Iraq war veteran and Purple Heart recipient.

  • Infertility survivor and childfree not by choice advocate.

  • Dog Mom and happy wife.

  • TEDx and Keynote speaker.

 Change maker and game changer.


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